Best Interior design for 3 BHK

Date: 2020-08-24

The mantra of this blog is ‘Recycle, Remix and Re-wear’. Jasleen Kaur and Sonu Bohra started Fashion Bombay six years ago, bonding over a common passion for dressing up. The blog caters to every girl-next-door and is an attempt to revive style by creating chic looks using old clothes. Jazz up your Indian wear by wearing your anarkali kurti as a maxi dress or mix various prints without burning a hole in your pocket.

USP: Popular among youngsters and students who are on the lookout for affordable fashion   

Style Tip: On the days when you don't feel put together, simply throw on a blazer. It's an instant way to look polished and doesn’t quite matter what you are wearing underneath, a pretty and flattering blazer can turn the most dour of days into a fresh of breath air!”